Q Glass

Fully transparent Solar Panel Glazing

Our exclusive range of glass solar products are designed and optimised to meet the challenging requirements of solar technologies. Glass is a durable and highly transparent material which makes it more efficient for solar energy applications.


Fully Coloured Solar Panels

These are fully colored solar panels designed by DAN engineering services. Our Pixa-products are very efficient and flexible which are suitable to use in any building requirements.


Fully customizable solar panels

it is a dynamic technology which we create and it is also adopted worldwide. Suntuitive glass, impacts to the clients how he uses buildings and how he feels inside buildings


Self tinting glass

Provide solar panels which consists of laminated solar cells. It can be customised in any form or effect according to the client’s requirement


Ultra Insulating glass

It is a most thermally efficient insulating glass and it depends on the client whether to replace by entire home windows or only replace the glazing. It is designed in such a way that it saves the electricity bills as well.

Standard PV

Fully Dedicated Generation Panel

As well as our customised solar solutions, we offer solar panel systems to the residential, commercial and logistical markets.